Rules for chatting on

  1. No means no
    • If a moderator tells you to stop doing something, stop doing it.
    • It's okay to block people you don't like, including moderators and admins.
      • However, if you break a rule and a moderator tries to warn you and is unable to due to being blocked, we will consider you to have ignored the warning.
  2. Unless you're obviously being a jerk, moderators can warn you if you break a rule rather than banning you. It is up to the moderator's discretion whether to warn you or just ban you.
  3. No NSFW stuff in public chat. Use your DMs.
    • If someone asks you to stop in DMs, respect their wishes or you can and will be banned.
  4. Please refrain from discussing politics unless that is the topic of the chat. A lot of us are well aware of the state of the world and do not need to be reminded. It is very depressing.
    • An exception will be made for talking about that dog that was elected mayor. He's cute and does not talk.
  5. Complaining that these rules hinder your freedom of speech is an automatic permanent ban, unless you were sarcastic in which case you're still on thin ice.
  6. All ban appeals should be directed to Attempting to appeal a ban by contacting admins or moderators in any other way will result in the ban becoming permanent and uncontestable.
    • All threats will be forwarded to relevant law enforcement agencies.
  7. If a moderator goes on a power trip, let the admins know. If an admin goes on a power trip, let THE admin ( know. If root goes on a power trip... I dunno, but I'm assuming the server wouldn't last much longer.
  8. On the off-chance that Alice really is a divine being, we should humor her.